You build muscles with blood NOT protein!

It’s actually kind of logic. Your blood is made of the food you ingest. To be more precisely, your blood is build with the food you digest. This blood runs through all your organs. Is the quality of the blood clean, then your body runs on the good kind of fuel. You don’t need chicken, eggs, beef or any kind of cooked food for its proteins. That’s sooooo 1995. This is the New Biology.

Start building your blood with greens!

You build muscles with blood not protein!

The following text is a post on the wall of Victor Costa from a good FaceBook friend, Steve Dupere from Izmir, Turkey on his insights on Dr. Young, building blood, building muscles or bodybuilding, calories and microwaving food.

Steve Dupere@mehar – “I thought that Dr. Young would find this statement by a man on bodybuilder Victor Costa’s page quite disturbing as I did.” McDonalds

“Mehar Bhogal: The theory of it is that food quality does not matter, but instead outcomes are based solely upon macronutrient intake,  ie. a McDonald’s hamburger vs chicken breast, potatoes, butter — assuming the macros would be similar.”

“I was wondering what your thoughts are as to if this holds up or not. Whether the quality of macronutrients will determine an athletes performance aesthetically and ‘on the bar’.”

“Icecream fitness has an in depth video on it — but you seem pretty knowledgable and I’d like to know your view.”

Steve Dupere@mehar continues – “Microwaves denature the molecular structure of food, hence I avoid them at all cost. As stated, only when necessary — otherwise it’s oven all day long WHEN and only when I cook my food, as raw is best. “Live food, live bodies. — Jay Kordich, Dr. Norman Walker, raw food experts. “The human organism is only as healthy as the blood coursing it.” — Dr. Robert O.Young, world renowned blood scientist, speaker, author.

“Food frequency is what matters. All foods are electron-based, thus the frequencial congruence of living, raw foods are synonymous to that of human biology, as has been proven by Dr. Robert Young. We do not run on calories, but rather electrons if we delve further down into the quantum realm. This as well as been shown by Dr. Young via ultra dark and light field microscopy. His discoveries are cutting edge and being proven around the world. Sounds off the wall, but believe me the man knows his stuff. Does it not make sense that living, enzymatic foods would have a concurrent physiological synergy synonymous to human biology, especially when you consider chlorophyll’s molecular structure is almost identical to that of human blood with the center atom being magnesium in chlorophyll and iron in blood? Keep the blood healthy and you’ll build the most quality muscle. Dr. Young has discovered that many bodybuilders are the most unhealthy athletes in the world due to excess lactic acid buildup and over-consumption of protein. Many don’t, or won’t, want to hear this, nor will they believe it, but it’s true. Fit does not equal health. Remember that my friend.”

No meat

In response to Steve Dupere questions, Dr. Robert O. Young states, “the purpose of food and drink we ingest is to provide the body with:

1) Electron energy found in its greatest quantity in living raw organic green foods to fuel the body.
2) Flexible oils that can bend to form the lipid membranes that make up all stem cells, blood cells and body cells.
3) Green vegetables and green fruit that are high in chlorophyll for the purpose of building hemoglobin. Why?  Because you are only as healthy and fit as your blood.
4) Alkaline minerals to buffer metabolic and dietary acids and to act as the matrix for the transport of electron energy to all living anatomical elements that make up all of the body cells. And, finally
5) Alkaline water to maintain the alkaline design of all body cells that make up the blood, tissues, glands and organs and to keeping things moving.  We are a body of alkaline water with a little mineral.

The objective is to maintain the alkaline design of the body fluids and cells with an alkaline lifestyle and diet and to remove the acidic waste products from our daily diet and metabolism.

Robert Young


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