Grandma Chandra’s message about the dolphins nearby California

I think this is a message worthwhile reading. If it doesn’t match your realm, don’t judge.

The world is more than we just can see…

Grandma Chandra

Grandma Chandra

Grandma Chandra

Grandma Chandra is a unique multi-dimensional being; a living miracle in a severely physically challenged body who provides a safe place to go for answers.

She is an experienced, creative and trusted advisor and works telepathically to remove obstacles to Ascension. She provides vital information, guidance through her services, as well as homework in the form of her products to support clients with their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When you meet with Grandma Chandra you will experience heart openings, images, sounds, words and cleansing tears as blockages are released. Grandma works with all her clients, Angels, Benevolent Extraterrestrials, Guides and Ascended Masters on all dimensions simultaneously.

She has the ability to access information from other dimensions, this reality and the cosmos. She communicates telepathically and, at times, through a translator with humans, Angels, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and other Sentient Beings, such as Dolphins and Whales. Grandma often visits people in their dream states to work with them before she meets them in the physical realm.


Recently there was a mass sighting of Dolphins near California, San Diego area. Many are questioning the meaning of their presence.    

They are here to open the energetic portal of 2013: Energy of the New Earth. Some have seen mermaids among the dolphins and this is true as they are the energetic form of the feminine energy that is encoding our Earth. The dolphins are forming geo codes along the ocean floors and vibrations within the ocean waters, these codes are intended to help us thru the changes. These beautiful dolphins are other dimensional beings acting as ambassadors for the 2013 age, using the aura color of magenta. These dolphins and whales are from the planet Sirius B to fulfill a contract that began on their planet and is now carried over onto our Earth. They are here to show us the way of Ascension while working with the blue geometric form atmosphere that looks much like an aura in its vibration. The blue geometric form is the geo tube torus that allows other dimensional beings to blend into any and all forms on this planet.

The magenta aura represents the 13th dimension in our consciousness this is the reason why the dolphins were captured on film and posted on Youtube, so many can receive the encoding visually and vibrationally They are upgrading not only the oceans but the humans on the planet with their energy of Enlightenment. There is no mistake that this energy is being drawn from the Pacific Ocean for it too offers the codes from the Lemurian energy. It is this energy that is making its way back into our conscious memory, as many of you are remembering your lifetimes in this magical land.

As more shifts and changes take place among our world look to the ocean waters, natures creatures and mother earth as your guides. They are not what they always appear. For the nature beasts on our planet are that of a greater universe that brings with them sacred geometry and enlightened souls of the present. This is why you cannot see the “aliens” as you call them for they take on many forms throughout your world and universe. It is when you begin to understand the energy of bendin time and space, you will begin to take on deeper understanding of your Universe and the Self.

The dolphins are from the planet Sirius B. When we come to understand sacred geometry, universal laws and the codes of the universe you will see greater dimensions that go well beyond the 1 trillionth mark. There will be a time and space energy that will fulfill all prophecies. Until then, understand that we are on this planet at this time and space for a greater understanding of the full spectrum of life and the continuum of its complexity. There will also be a few upcoming geological changes that will take on the form of “destruction” but will be clearing out the energy much like a volcano needing to burst, it is a necessary release that will bring a greater world and more Light will begin to shine from these changes.

Codes that you see will come in the form of Sacred Light, a light that you cannot see but feel. Feel the energy of the salt from the oceans, it will take on a different molecular format that will be new for scientists to study, that’s if they look! These salt crystals will combine and form a new bond that will be unique in its creation and understanding. It is these crystals that will change our planet, our DNA and our bodies. We are changing at such an accelerated speed that you cannot imagine. Your bodies will be in a constant state of detox, shedding not only past and present circumstances but transforming you within and without. Your skin will evolve and shift in a way that even oxygen will no longer appeal to you for you have out grown those lessons and circumstances and are ready to take on New Light Bodies.

That’s why at this time there is so much shedding and dissolving. This process will take time (earth time). As each decade passes, you will see children looking and feeling as if they just returned from a nap to continue on with their missions. This will go on until we stop and reverse our systems in a way that death will no longer exist. There will be a steady continuum of a “life” that will be filled with endless learning and growth without pain, suffering and bad vs. good. There will be such a time when all will live in harmony and will be able to explore not only the Earth but the Universe with such a deep complexity that extends beyond your comprehension at this time.

Two (red) triangles forming the Mer Ka Ba

Two (red) triangles forming the Mer Ka Ba

There must be a continuous flow of energy in order for this process to take shape. Take for example the Merkabah. (Two triangles one upside down the other right side up overlapping) This is the reflection of who we are above and below. This reflection is the rainbow bridge of enlightenment. It is not a circular form  but the shape of a reflective triangle. When you arrive at the center of these two triangles you are better able to “see” and understand this concept of above and below therefore we will live in a space of continuum, a sort of revolving and evolving circle within the two triangles.

This information is all important to take into your consciousness as this is the next step to enlightenment. This is the explanation of the codes from the dolphins. There is nothing to study or examine. All that is left to do is embrace and encode yourself with this Light. Your bodies are set up to absorb these codes and they will remember how to react and purge as this process takes shape. You may not realize it now physically but you are all evolving and changing and your DNA is changing as you read this. This is my way of encoding all of you bringing forth the dolphin energy through these words and texts. Embrace these light energies that are letting loose at an astounding rate and enjoy the shows that dolphins share with you because there are many more to come.


Gr. Chandra and Tamara Heims (G’ma and T’ma :))


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