Mad Sausage (Videoclip)

A hungry young man gets served some serious food for thought when a sausage starts telling his dramatic life story. What he hears will change his life forever.

Sixty billion animals are killed for food worldwide every year. The vast majority of them are reared in intensive systems that seriously and adversely impact their welfare. By becoming a vegetarian, or eating more responsibly, you will help improve the lives of many of these animals.
We truly hope that factory farming will end in our lifetime. We believe in a food system that is compassionate, caring, and honest. Compassionate to animals, caring for the environment and consumer health, and truthfully labeled.


You just don’t help the animals, which I think is really important, but also, you help yourself with it. Becoming vegetarian has only advantages, on the short as on the long term. For yourself and the planet.

What’s holding you back? Afraid you cannot live without the taste of meat? Don’t worry, the more the greens you eat, less the meat you crave.

It’s a long process, but give yourself the time…
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