What is straw bale gardening?

What is Straw Bale Gardening?

Think of a straw bale as a container for your plants, except the container is compostable and feeds the plants vital nutrients.  Straw bale gardening is similar to raised beds, but without the wood and nails.  It requires almost no weeding and is a good option for people interested in a no-dig gardening method.

It does not matter if your soil quality is poor because the straw bales sit on top of your yard, patio, or deck just like a container.  Straw bale gardening works great for people with limited space and are less expensive than equal volumes of other growing media.

If you choose to build your garden with straw bales then you can put the hoe away, and the tiller.  Straw bale gardening is much less physical than traditional gardening.  If a gardener has physical limitations or is in a wheelchair, having a two foot raised garden made out of compostable straw bales is ideal.



Source: http://www.growtest.org

More info: http://www.strawbalegardens.com

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