Effect of eating animal proteins on blood

karkasAcids from animal proteins, including eggs consist of nitric, sulphuric, phosphuric and uric acid that cause disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Acids in the blood and tissues act like a molecular glue causing blood cells and body cells to stick together. Red blood cells have a natural negative surface charge and therefore repel each other. Eating animal flesh and eggs causes a loss to the negative surface charge and causes blood cells to stick together leading to poor circulation, oxygen deprivation, hypertension, DIC and heart disease.

It matters NOT whether the animal protein or egg is raw, organically fed or fed with GMO feed, the tests come out the same – positive for DIC! Acids from animal proteins, including chicken, beef, pork, fish and eggs causes DIC. In all cancers, in all diabetes, in all inflammatory conditions, in all heart conditions the blood is hypercoagulated.

You cannot thin the blood without the drug coumadin when eating animal flesh and eggs. I have sucessfully reveresed in ALL cases DIC without drugs using a plant based alkaline green diet and eliminating all animal flesh,eggs, dairy products, high sugar fruits and grains. The blood naturally thins to a hypocoagulated state and retruns to a normal healthy state.

The primary focus of my work in the reversal of ALL sickness and disease is to

1) open up the channels of elimination,

2) heal the intestinal vill of the small intestines where blood is made,

3) heal the blood and

4) hyper-perfuse the tissues with alkalinity.

veggiesThe reason why the pH Miracle “LIFE” style is successful is because of the focus on the health of the blood as the primary cell for building all other body cells, including the bones, muscles, nerves, skin and major organs. You cannot build healthy body cells with protein you have to build healthy body cells with healthy blood and you build healthy blood cells with a alkaline electron rich green diet of green vegetables and green fruit. If you want to trully be healthy and fit then I recommend the pH Miracle “LIFE” style and diet. Millions of people around the world NOW know that this path is true.

Source: http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.nl/

I say Amen! Are you ready to take the step? Let’s start then! See you at Praktijk Suzi Qi 🙂

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