The Red Blood Cell

red blood celThe red blood cell is the foundational cell for which all other body cells are created. It is the red blood cell that becomes skin, heart, bone, teeth, eyes, liver, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, brain, muscle, tendon, sperm, egg, prostate, ovaries, uterus, gonads, intestines, stomach, hair, etc. – every body cell (70 trillion) is made from blood.

The quality of the body cells is determined by the quality of the blood. The quality of the blood is determined by the health of the intestinal villi and what you are eating, drinking, and thinking. Why? Because embyonic blood cells are make in the crypts of the small intestinal villi.

If you truly want a healthy body then you need to have healthy blood. I have discovered after 30 years of research that healthy blood is made from high chlorophyll- rich green foods and drinks. Heal the blood and you can heal the body of ANY disease. You can remain healthy for life (life expectancy is 150 years). It is that simple.

Robert O. Young

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