Raw: 9 Herbs & Spices you can add to smoothies

herbs1. Parsley – Parsley just needs to be washed, and then it can be used whole, stems and leaves both intact

2. Cilantro – Cilantro (or coriander) can also be used with both leaves and stems intact. Just give your cilantro a quick rinse and it is ready to go

3. Dill- Dill can be blended with its stems also. Just wash your dill, and add it to your blender

4. Mint – Mint does have woody stems, so we prefer not to add them to our smoothies. Just wash your mint, and then pick the leaves from the stems. Discard your stems and use the leaves.

5. Basil – We also remove the stems from the basil. Give your basil a rinse, then pick the leaves from the stems. Blend the leaves and discard the stems

6. Ginger – Ginger is one of our favourite herbs to add to smoothies. You can choose to peel or not peel your ginger, depending on how powerful your blender is. If you have a weaker blender, or if the skin of your ginger is very thick, you can remove it with a knife, or by scraping it off with the back of a spoon. Then just give it a rinse and toss it in.

7. Turmeric – Fresh turmeric can be prepared just like ginger. It generally has a very thin skin, which can generally be left intact. Just wash your turmeric and throw it into the mix.

8. Garlic/green onion/regular onion – These items are VERY powerful when the are in blended form. Keep in mind that they will add a very strong flavour to your smoothies, and most fruit will not overpower them. They can be nice added to savory smoothies, but they may totally ruin the taste of sweet ones. Remove the skins from your garlic and onions before you add them to your smoothies.

9. Ground spices (eg cinnamon, nutmeg) and vanilla – Ground spices can add an extra fun dimension of flavor and nutrition to your smoothies. Start small, with about a ¼ teaspoon and work your way up until you reach the desired flavour.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/youngandraw

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