Electromagnetic Fields and how they affect our health

I recently watched a documentary called ‘Resonance,’ this is the inspiration for this article. This documentary was a well-researched informational documentary about how having cell phone towers and radio frequencies are actually affecting our health on a greater level than you might imagine. I recommend you check out this documentary, there will be a link provided at the end of this article.


What are EMF’s?

Electromagnetic Fields or EMF’s are the radio waves that are emitted appliances and wireless devices such as cell phones and computers.  Household appliances are considered to be part of the lower frequency range and cell phones, cell phone towers and wireless devices are a part of the high frequency range. We cannot see or feel these frequencies, so I think this is why this matter is greatly overlooked.

 So, what is the problem with EMF’s?

This is where it gets tricky, cell phones have only been around for the past 20 years or so and have only become THIS popular within the last 10 years; with now more than 5 billion cell phone users across the globe. There are many studies that show that cell phone use can in fact, cause cancer. There have been studies that show that this is more predominant in children, with excessive EMF exposure causing Leukemia, among other things. However this is proving to be a difficult thing to PROVE because most cancer causing agents take at least 10 or more years to develop.

In ‘Resonance,’ it is pointed out that the way the pineal gland reacts to EMF frequencies is the same way it reacts to microwave and light frequencies. This is an issue because when we sleep, our eyes send a signal to our pineal gland when it is dark, to start producing melatonin. However, if you are next to your cell phone when you are sleeping, your eyes may be interpreting the high frequencies as light frequencies so your brain will not receive this message and therefore no melatonin will be produced. Melatonin is extremely important to your health because along with a sleep-aid it is also a powerful free radical fighting anti-oxidant. So, if the EMFs are causing free radicals to form in your body, and then they are stopping your body from being able to combat them, you have a problem.

Another key point that the documentary ‘Resonance’ pointed out is that it is difficult to test the health of a person exposed to EMF’s vs. the health of the person who isn’t because virtually all humans are now exposed to these frequencies. This movie also interviews some people who have gotten cancer most likely from living in a subdivision that was built around a cell phone tower.

bijen bovenaanzichtThe disappearance of Honeybees is no secret either; it would only make sense that the increase of cell phone usage is a contributing factor to this ‘phenomena.’ This is not a matter to be ignored as the majority of our food production depends on the pollination of Honeybees.

 What can we do?

There are a few options. To point out the obvious, you could stop using a cell-phone, but I know in this day and age that is nearly impossible. You can limit your cell phone usage and try not to keep it on you when it is not in use and be sure to keep it out of your room while you sleep. Text when you can and if you can’t use the speaker phone option. Also, headset devices are a great choice. It is also very important to make sure that you don’t move to an area that is remotely close to a cell phone tower. Because Cell phone towers are virtually everywhere, it is tough to avoid them, but it would be best to not live directly beside one or under power lines. There are a few different products you can try as well that are designed to reduce the harmful affects of EMFs. I posted the following on the CE Facebook page a little while ago, and it didn’t get a very good response. I don’t understand why, yes, sure it seems to easy maybe, but it’s free! What do you have to lose? It’s better than nothing… I actually had kinesiology done to me with my cell phone with and without the ‘Freeshield,’ and this proved that this technology does in fact work. So try it! It’s worth a shot.


There are also some devices that you can purchase, on this site they claim to work by enhancing a persons connection to the Earths Electro-Magnetic Field.



I think that it is very important to raise awareness on the topic of EMFs and at least open peoples eyes to what they are and what damage they can cause. I encourage everyone to do his or her own research on the matter, and look into this. You may be surprised with what you find!

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com

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