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5 Ways to Reverse Food Addiction

What do we know about how the human brain forms addiction? It’s clear that the more we do something, the deeper the pathways created in our brain. Those “neural pathways” become automated habits and eventually addictions. Just like toweling off after a shower is now automatic and likely done the same time each way, your […]

The Science of Addictive Food (Video)

Food has nowadays nothing to do with ‘real’ food. It’s all refined and chemical. It’s a playground for neuroscientists and marketeers. This video is about why junk food is so addictive. Remember, you are what you digest. Health reporter Kelly Crowe takes us behind the science of making junk food so irresistible to us.

Scott Brick, reversing diabetes with an alkaline lifestyle

Yes, diabetes is reversible. But trust me, it’s not easy. For some people it is though. It depends, how easily can you handle changes? As you are changing your food pattern, you’ll be changing yourself. And that might be quite confronting from time to time. What’s your health worth to you? Wanna give it a […]