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Herbal medicines for babies and children

I see it everyday! One and all are seeking safer and more effective less deleterious alternatives to our current orthodox pharmaceutical medicines. People realise that the body was not designed to be modulated/stimulated/sedated by harsh and concentrated chemicals that many in themselves are toxic and lead to a myriad of side effects. Botanical medicine excels […]

Barefoot walking, Clearing the mind

Have you ever been barefoot at a park or on the beach, and just felt right? Just felt at home, connected in some form or fashion with the natural world? It’s a feeling that is so innately human, yet is forgotten so quickly upon returning the doldrums and monotony of the shoe-wearing concrete ridden western world. […]

Nieuwetijdskinderen, vaccinaties en de Avalon ELA-energy healing

In mijn praktijk werk ik het liefst met de Avalon ELA-energy healing. Ik werk dan letterlijk en figuurlijk met mijn hart. De ervaring alleen al is prachtig. Ook al krijgt de cliënt niet alles mee, energetisch gebeurt er heel veel. En deze energetische manier van werken is nodig om weer met de Bron te worden hersteld. […]