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5 Newly discovered health powers of Aspargus

1. Asparagus found to have anti-cancer properties. A new study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology found asparagus contains certain compounds that have substantial anticancer properties. Researchers tested the compounds, known as shatavarins, on test tubes of human breast, colon and kidney cancer, as well as on mice with breast cancer. All the results […]

Discover a safe alternative to mammography and prevent cancer – naturally

In the Netherlands there are two places where you can go for (breast) thermography, Den Haag and Amsterdam. For Amsterdam go to http://www.ThermografieAmsterdam.nl Has your family doctor or GYN ever talked to you about “breast thermography”? This is a simple, non-invasive way of accessing your risk for breast cancer – yet most conventionally-trained physicians have […]

Vitamine E & Vitamin E

Functie Vitamine E is een vetoplosbare vitamine, het lichaam is dus in staat om het op te slaan. Dit gebeurt in de lever, vetweefsel, het hart, de testikels, de baarmoeder, de spieren en de hypofyse. In tegenstelling met de andere vetoplosbare vitaminen wordt van vitamine E echter tot 70% van de inname met de ontlasting […]