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The Zeitgeist Movement: Getting to the Root of the Problem (Video)

Watch the Paradigm Shifting Film; Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Nederlands ondertiteld) I have awakened. I have opened my eyes, like so many others, and found myself in the midst of a collapsing system. There are more problems in every direction than we have resources for, homelessness among them. More nonprofits are popping up every day to help heed the […]

Robert Young on acidity and alkalizing your body

Everybody should know this, what health is really about. As a holistic practioner I use his guideline for an optimal health. Why? Because it works and it’s all in the science.  So, if you come to the practice, whether it is for a Live Blood Analysis or the Avalon ELA-energy healing, you will get also […]

Documentary: Ethos, Time to Unslave Humanity (Video)

Keep an open mind, and question everything We weten zo langzamerhand allemaal hoe het systeem werkt. De wereld is in handen van een aantal megabedrijven die onze regeringen sturen en controleren. Zij bepalen welke militaire conflicten er worden uitgevochten en welke politieke besluiten er worden genomen. De volgende documentaire, Ethos, kijkt naar de systematische oorzaken […]