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Raw: Stuffed Avocados

Ingredients (Use only organic): grape tomatoes cucumber jalapeno shallot garlic hummus or tahini himalayan salt & pepper Dice ingredients, place in small/medium bowl, add just enough hummus to bind. Fill avocados and top with salt & pepper. Source: http://thesimpleveganista.blogspot.com/2012/07/avocados-are-so-versatile-and-can-be.html You can also use some olive oil vergin and fresh lime juice for the dressing instead […]

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: the Evita Ramparte Story

The relationship between unhealthy eating and the development of disease is undeniable. When most people get a cancer diagnosis their doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and harsh treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All of these treatments have a harrowing effect on the body opening it up to a whole host of other […]

Reasons to avoid canned food

Wherever possible, use fresh or frozen foods when preparing food for yourself. Try to avoid cans all together, and if you cannot find an ingredient unless it’s in canned form, just swap it out for something else. Why? 1. Cans are often laced with dangerous toxins.BPA or Bisphenol – A is one of the toxins […]

Raw: 9 Herbs & Spices you can add to smoothies

1. Parsley – Parsley just needs to be washed, and then it can be used whole, stems and leaves both intact 2. Cilantro – Cilantro (or coriander) can also be used with both leaves and stems intact. Just give your cilantro a quick rinse and it is ready to go 3. Dill- Dill can be […]

Latest Cancer Information

After years of telling people chemotherapy is the only way to try and eliminate cancer, Johns Hopkins is finally starting to tell you there is an alternative way. 1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few […]