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Lose Weight & Revitalize your Body with Sprouts & Microgreens (+Video)

Everything you need to know and more about sprouts and microgreens. The food of the future!   Sprouting Your Way to Vibrancy  If you are into eating a living foods diet, then you are probably well acquainted with sprouts. These remarkable gifts of nature are pure, fresh, nutrient-rich, and alive with their vital force intact. If […]

The Real Truth Concerning the Physiology of the Stomach

This article points out the importance for eating alkaline foods and drinks.  Therefore is the knowledge needed about the physiology of the stomach. The stomach is NOT an organ of digestion as currently taught in ALL biology and medical texts, BUT an organ of contribution or deposit. It’s function is to deposit alkaline juices to the […]

The Significance & Importance of Iodine and 6 Foods Rich in Iodine

The Significance of Iodine and 7 Foods Rich in Iodine Do you know how important iodine is for your overall wellbeing? The common nutritional deficiency behind most hypothyroidism and sluggish thyroid activity is insufficient iodine.  Further, you are very susceptible to radiation damage without sufficient protection from iodine. These are just a few of the reasons […]