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Robert Young on acidity and alkalizing your body

Everybody should know this, what health is really about. As a holistic practioner I use his guideline for an optimal health. Why? Because it works and it’s all in the science.  So, if you come to the practice, whether it is for a Live Blood Analysis or the Avalon ELA-energy healing, you will get also […]

Overacidity and overgrowth of yeast, fungus and molds

Dr. Young has degrees in chemistry, microbiology and nutrition, and has spent many years researching the relationship between mycotic infections (yeast, fungus and mould) and the etiology of human disease. His research and articles on microtoxicosis have gained wide recognition in the U.S.A. and he is currently listed in Who’s Who for his breakthrough research. […]

100% RAW

Steeds meer mensen worden bewust en staan open voor andere levensstijlen. Dit is een van zo’n levensstijl, het eten van alleen rauwe voeding. Met name worden (blad)groenten, fruit, noten, zaden en kiemen genuttigd. Een prachtig alternatief, maar vergis je niet, de nodige kennis is hierbij van belang. Je wilt natuurlijk ervoor zorgen dat je alle […]

The Real Truth Concerning the Physiology of the Stomach

This article points out the importance for eating alkaline foods and drinks.  Therefore is the knowledge needed about the physiology of the stomach. The stomach is NOT an organ of digestion as currently taught in ALL biology and medical texts, BUT an organ of contribution or deposit. It’s function is to deposit alkaline juices to the […]