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Chia Seeds: Superfood & Superseed!

Chia, the ancient Aztec “superseed”! Who doesn’t remember the ever popular tv commercials from the early 90′s where you could order your own “chia pet” or “chia head” and watch them grow, as well as their extremely catchy jingle “Ch-ch-ch-chia”? Well, if you don’t that’s ok because that means you  probably didn’t watch much television at […]

7 Alkalizing Foods that cleanse the Liver

Our liver works extremely hard everyday to protect us from adverse affects from metabolic an dietary acid and often it is easy for our liver to become overwhelmed compromising our health significantly. Here are 7 common foods you can include daily to help cleanse your liver naturally.  The primary way in which your body expels […]

5 Fats that don’t make you fat

Good article about good fatty’s for your health. Wouldn’t use olive oil for baking, as it becomes toxic with high temperatures. It’s better to use rice oil or coconut oil. And for the nuts, almonds are the best option from a holistic view. Soak those in water for at least eight hours and rince the […]

Chia zaden

  Chia zaad wordt als gezondheidsproduct steeds vaker gebruikt als aanvulling op de dagelijkse voeding. Chia zaad is afkomstig van de Chia plant uit Midden Amerika. De Azteken ontdekten ruim voor onze jaartelling al dat Chia Zaad hen kracht gaf, ook gebruikten ze het zaad als geneesmiddel bij allerlei kwalen. Je zou kunnen zeggen dat […]