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Galblaas en leverreiniging voor herstel van de hormoonbalans

Dit artikel geeft je inzicht in het belang van een galblaas en leverreiniging bij PCOS klachten. Daarbij vind je onderaan een link waarin de volledige procedure omschreven staat om deze reiniging zelf, thuis uit te voeren. Zo kun je zelf je lichaam diep te reinigen van alle gifstoffen die zich daar in de afgelopen jaren […]

The stinky truth behind farts

Would you believe me if I told you that farts (medically known as flatulence) can actually be an indicator of poor health? Some farts are actually more than simply an embarrassment at the dinner table or a first date. Farts can actually be an indicator that something is seriously wrong in your digestion leading to […]

Herbal medicines for babies and children

I see it everyday! One and all are seeking safer and more effective less deleterious alternatives to our current orthodox pharmaceutical medicines. People realise that the body was not designed to be modulated/stimulated/sedated by harsh and concentrated chemicals that many in themselves are toxic and lead to a myriad of side effects. Botanical medicine excels […]