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Plugging into your intuition helps expand consciousness

Intuition is the signal your unconscious mind sends you, telling you to do something or not. Hone it, say help experts to expand consciousness. Has it ever happened that your phone beeped, and you knew it was your client. Some call it a hunch, others, a fleeting flash of intuition. The word intuition is derived […]

Herbal medicines for babies and children

I see it everyday! One and all are seeking safer and more effective less deleterious alternatives to our current orthodox pharmaceutical medicines. People realise that the body was not designed to be modulated/stimulated/sedated by harsh and concentrated chemicals that many in themselves are toxic and lead to a myriad of side effects. Botanical medicine excels […]

Na dertig jaar zonder bril

In de zomer van 2008 gebeurde het. Mijn man reed op de camping met de auto over mijn bril die ik even in het gras had neergelegd. Helemaal vervormd, die kon ik echt niet meer op. Tjonge jonge, wat voelde ik me gehandicapt zo zonder bril. Alles was vaag, één grote mist. -3,25 en -2,75 […]

An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

For months I have been praying for a book that would keep me up at night. You know what I mean: the kind of book you just can’t bear to put down. One afternoon I opened my mailbox to find a package—it was an advance copy of my dear friend Nick Ortner’s new book, The […]

Chemotheraptie helpt tegen kanker… en de aarde is plat

Tijn Touber (1960) richtte in de jaren 1980 popgroep ‘Loïs Lane’ op, en schreef zelf enkele van hun grootste hits. Van de ene op de andere dag stopte hij daarmee, begon met mediteren en leidde 14 jaar lang een ascetisch leven. Zonder drank, sigaretten, seks en tv. Hij reisde veel – vooral naar Azië – […]