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Is chewing gum the most toxic substance in the supermarket?

After a friend on Facebook had shared an article about gum, I was a bit surprised, but not entirely shocked, at just how harmful and non-harmonious with our bodies that gum can be. I gave up chewing gum a couple years ago myself and recommend it for anyone else, or at least looking into alternatives! […]

Autistic children have more toxic metals in their blood

With Live Blood Analysis at Praktijk Suzi Qi you can check the level of toxity in the blood (amongst other things). It just takes a couple of drops of their blood to check. If they’re afraid to see their own blood, I can take also some blood from their earlobe. If that’s a problem as […]

Microwave destroys cancer-fighting nutrients in food and promotes nutritional deficiencies

I’ve thrown my microwave away in the time I was still at the university. Like eight years ago. In the beginning you think you’ll miss it, but fortunately you won’t miss the harmful radiance at all in your kitchen. Because you know it’s really, really bad for your health.┬á To Know. To Experience. To Be. […]

Sugar causes cancer!

You will be reading a lot from Robert Young on my website. I really think he should get more credit! This is the New Biology. For me it makes sense. Beside that, I feel he’s right. I love science concerning food and applying it. You will feel the difference. Start your education on food and […]